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Warwick Admiralty Lawyers Handle Cargo and Contract Claims

Rhode Island maritime attorneys represent clients in COGSA, charter party and vessel arrest cases

Shipping companies, vessel owners and others in the maritime industry operate under a variety of contracts. Shipping contracts, charter parties, purchase agreements and bills of lading govern the operation of vessels and the shipment of goods. When a contract is breached or cargo is damaged in transit, these documents determine what happens. The Rhode Island admiralty lawyers at Kalander & Shaw, Ltd. represent ships, freight forwarders, banks and marinas in maritime contract disputes. Our attorneys are also experienced at enforcing maritime liens. We represent clients throughout Rhode Island
attempting to arrest a vessel and vessel owners seeking to defend their property.

Litigating Warwick cargo damage claims

Our Rhode Island maritime attorneys represent shippers, vessel owners and NVOCCs in cargo damage claims. Many international cargo disputes are governed by the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA), which grants shipowners certain rights and immunities. If your dispute involves COGSA, bills of lading or shipping contracts, Kalander & Shaw, Ltd. can help you seek damages or defend against a claim.

Providing representation in maritime breach of contract claims

Many vessel owners don’t operate their own ships. Instead, they rent out use of their vessel under a contract called a “charter party.” Charter parties can allow for the use of the ship for a particular voyage or a certain amount of time. Disputes often arise over a ship’s seaworthiness, the purchase of supplies or demurrage. Our maritime attorneys assist clients in all types of contract claims, including vessel finance and purchase order disputes.

Handling vessel arrest and seizure

Due to their ability to cause damage and incur expenses, ships can be sued in court and arrested when they or their owners fail to fulfill their financial obligations. Vessels are held liable in court through in rem actions but must first be arrested. This process involves the bank, marina or injured party seeking a warrant of arrest as well as the actual seizure of the ship by a U.S. Marshal. Our firm assists in the process of arresting vessels. Our legal team at Kalander & Shaw, Ltd. also helps vessel owners post security and defend claims to ensure the release of their ship.

Contact a skilled Warwick attorney for prompt assistance with your maritime contract dispute

When cargo is damaged during transit or a dispute arises under a charter party, your company needs professional help. The Warwick maritime attorneys at Kalander & Shaw, Ltd. help clients bring and defend contract claims. Whether your dispute arises from vessel finance, a shipping contract or a bill of lading, our attorneys provide skilled and efficient legal representation. To schedule a consultation at our office in Warwick, call us at 401-273-2210 or contact us online.